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Chinese Fur Farms Answered

My Friend sent me this shocking video in an email, and made me join a petition to stop it.
this is to discuss it, and if you want to stop it, please leave a comment.
below is the video link
WARNING. this is grosser and more wrong than anything you have ever seen. I strongly reccomend that you don't watch it, but just read.
if you chose not to watch it, then the video shows chinese people grabbing pups, smashing them on the ground so they won't have the strength to run, then cutting the skin around their ankles, then peeling it off over the poor things head. the only thing is, the animal isn't even unconsious, and then they are chucked onto a rotting pile while they wait in excruciating pain to die. you can even see their hearts beating.
if you want to stop this shXt, then please leave a comment saying so.


What the Fack. I have a dog so i cant even watch the first pup get hit once.

I did warn you, but then again, if I hadn't put a warning on then you wouldn't have watched it anyway.


8 years ago

That honestly made me sick after watching the first 20 seconds of the video.

At least the animals are in no pain when they die. thats better than the fur farms

Wait..... PUPS!!???like DOGS!!!!!!???????


8 years ago

I hate to say that signing a petition to try to stop doing something done in China will have little effect.  Working on educating people about the industry and diminishing demand will help though.

I guess you are right. well I am raising awareness of it, do you have a negativity problem, or are you annoyed at what I said about the tank bow vs IACs heavy crossbow?

No, I am raising the point that one small petition or some sort on a website isn't go to do anything about massive fur farms in China. Plus, I think that killing animals just for fur is a bit of a waste, they should at least use the meat to feed homeless people or supermarkets. btw, you're just generally annoying.

yeah, I guess I am. but dont you think having to go see a councellor about being annoying is a bit over the top? Meh, comment acknowledged, you win.

These far-easterns regard animals differently. In China there's virtually nothing with a circulatory-system that can't be eaten or used medicinally...


 well thats the problem. they don't give a shxt at all, but I do, and a lot of other people would aswell.

It's a cultural thing to a large extent, animal welfare is a relatively new concept. Presumably people can do something a bit more effective than leaving a comment here though?


 hmmm. don't they have pets in china?

I don't know, but livestock certainly. Another aspect of far-eastern culture is that it's common to be sure everyone has had enough to eat, which means they often get served more than enough to be sure. It's cause food-waste problems in some cities.


well the stats in western countries for food wasting is probably a lot higher.

Scorpions on a stick anyone? http://www.flickr.com/photos/zieak/3995529196/

 That's why I buy faux fur.