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Chinese website: who can help me? Answered

Yesterday I came across a Chinese website that has copied one of my projects and watermarked the pictures. I would want to contact them, but I can't find the contact link ( my Chinese isn't that good), so I was wondering if someone here could help me out :)



At the end of the tutorial they have given credit to you with a link to your original instructable post. Nothing to worry as you will get more visitors to your instructable. I think they water mark all photos in their site.

The watermark is the problem - they are effectively claiming Emily's work as their own, even though they link back. If anybody sees two similar images side-by-side, and one is watermarked, they are going to assume that the other is a rip-off.

reprintedIn China, if I see two similar images side by side, one is the watermark, we think that the other one is reproduced, and do not generally called stealing.

Well, it's different in the rest of the internet.

I have given you solved the problem for a few minutes before
I also reply you can see the website
I have copied the following reply content
:请点击网址链接,https://www.instructables.com/community/Chinese-website-who-can-help-me/希望你停止对原创作者的侵权行为,我发现你的转载并没得到的允许,Please click on the link, https://www.instructables.com/community/Chinese-we... hope you stop to authorship infringement, I found that you didn't get the permission of the reprinted

I'm sorry to hear that. have you solve the problem ?

you can translate this web site in english.


4 years ago

I am sorry to copied your pictures, but if here is no watermark, other chinese website will copy it again and without source.Their watermark maybe bigger and ugliness, you don't want see what pic i had uploaded.As my apology i linked your article https://www.instructables.com/id/Twisted-ring/. My email:pgshow@qq.com


Hmmmm...When I tried translating the URL through google translate, it seems their were problems. Likewise with Bing translator. Which browser are you using? When I used Google Chrome, a small feature cam up allowing me to translate the page. The watermarked pictures are quite bad though. Sorry to hear about this problem. Here are a few screenshots of the site translated: (I have also put a ring around the feature that allows me to translate on the first pic.


One can translate an entire website by simply posting the url into google translate.

Ah, thanks! I was able to find the contact page, but it's just a forum topic on which you can leave suggestions, when logged in to the site, of course...

Emily... Sorry about the issue. Try this

1. After translating the page, go to the bottom of the page for comments

2. You will see social account plug-in, which allows you to sign in using your google+ acccount (I hope you have one)

3. Using google translate, write your concern and mention a link back to your original project and ask them to remove the water mark from pics.

Hope this helps.

I wasnt able to open the link. Reminds me, tho, of a time that a Spanish site picked up my "figure 4 mousetrap" video. I thought about taking offense, but decided on that occasion to just be flattered.

Google translate had some problems with the link as well :) . I think I'll just have to leave it here, since contacting isn't really an option it seems.

It seems to give you credit by name, but I can't find a link back to the original. It's bad that they have added their own watermarks to your images, though.

Yes, the name is how I found that site in the first place, but the sentence translates into something like 'thanks for the idea, emilyvanleemput' . As far as I have seen, it doesn't include a link, the site also hasn't shown up in the referrers of the instructable itself.