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Chip Bag Survival Answered

Hello Everyone: This is my first post in this forum. I have a website on preparedness and survival. I have posted also my first instructable as well basted on this topic. So my challenge to everyone is to use only chip bags and duct tape to come up with something that could save your life. Other than the fact that potatoe chips are part of a well balanced diet. The bags can be used to make all sorts of things. Have fun.
Like this one below.

Robert (Survival Central editor)


since crisp packets are aluminised, if you're allowed sticks as well, you should be able to cobble together a radar reflector.

Cool Idea. I think I will modify this a bit and allow such things as string, sticks, card board etc. Also was thinking about making a solar cooker. I like shiney things.

Thanks Nacho I appreciate the help and advice.

. You might want to point out to ppl that there is a big difference between http://www.survivalcentral.net/ (your site) and http://www.survivalcentral.com ("...targeted search terms designed specifically to enhance the users overall online search experience. survivalcentral.com displays the top advertisers for and more.")

Thanks for the info. Godaddy owns the .com domain and want a ton of money to buy it. I will note that for future posts. Thanks for the help NachoMahma. Nice to meet you.

. Including a clickable link to your site would go a long way toward eliminating any confusion. Even though you have a "Shop" page on your site, you don't seem to be selling anything, so I don't think anyone can rightfully accuse you of SPAMming. . Welcome to Instructables.