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Choice of tablet? Answered

I have decided that I need a tablet computer for work purposes - I want to be able to have my desk-based PC running the interactive whiteboard, whilst having sensitive data (such as markbooks, registers and internal emails) on the tablet.

I would also be able to have images and data on the tablet screen for small group work, without having to disrupt the rest of the class.

I own an iPod, and have played with an iPad at an Apple store, and borrowed a friend's iPad, so I know it will do the job for me.

What about Windows / Android tablets, though?

The last Android device I used was very glitchy, but that was a year ago.  Has it gotten as stable as iOS?

Of specific interest, do Windows or Android tablets start up from standby as fast an an iPad?  If they're slow, I might as well dig out my netbook.


I prefer android, as you can see from my profile photo it is a android.
My best bet for android tabs include:
Nexus 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime
Motorola XOOM 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Sony Tablet S
Toshiba AT200
Acer Iconia Tab A510
Most android tab above honeycomb is A LOT FASTER THAN ALL IPADS
Most android tabs boot around the same time as the ipad, but this depends on the firmware. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN41_uXqLOw
android has one main advantage, apps. You get all the ipad apps on android, FOR FREE. people buy an ipad for £500 and spend about £200 on apps.
People buy a faster android tab for £300 and spend nothing on apps
you seem to own an andriod device one year ago, but that was when android just developed. Now android is so much better and the tablets are very fast, quad core fast. Also, ipads seem to get broken easily, android tabs are tough. check out the moto xoom 2, it has a tough screen and its water resistance. I dropped mine about five times and its fine.
Android tablets have the freedom to change things around. you can change the keyboard, you can have LIVE WALLPAPERS! you can change the theme. You can change launchers to look like ipads or windows 8. You can even root them to upgrade your firmware yourself from xda, you can do ANYTHING FROM ANDROID.
as you know, android is made my google, so it has google apps, maps, earth, drive, voice, goggles, and more!
iOS seems stable, because apple dont give people ANY updates unless you keep buying the new ipads. However android gives update every year, honeycomb, ics and now jellybean, who knows whats next?
Also, DONT Get the BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK as they are useless without a blackberry. Dont buy a hp touchpad as they dont have any apps. and DONT buy a microsoft surface because its £1000 and windows 8 is not that good.
thanks, muchensmile

OK, thanks for that, but apps are not the deciding factor here - the work-related tasks I need it for are all web-based, I'm not a big player of games, and the very few apps I use on my iPod (and would transfer to an iPad, if I got one) are not available on Android.

I'm more interested in the speed of start-up, which sounds good in your comment.

Personally, I would go with apple products for this. In my experience, they are much more user friendly, and more versatile than alternatives. Also, I know that there are several apps that are great for business on the apple app store. The names of them escape me right now, but i will post them when I find out if you would like. I know for certain that apple has a nice program that lets you access you desktop P.C. from the ipad, but its a little glitchy and slow. Over all the ipad is much more effective, and easier to use for a tablet.

sorry hp, blackberry, Microsoft and apple fans, i didn't mean to annoy you, its just the way it is.
so please don't argue with me

I prefer the 2 tablets. With 10 things to follow!


5 years ago

My dad has an iPad, which is extremely fast, but it's the original 2010 ipad. I have used android phones which run the OS well, and I used to have a laptop that could convert to a tablet and back. It ran Windows 7 well, but android on it was glitchy. If you want to check it out, search Novero Solana on google. I don't think it's commercially available yet, because my dad got it through intel because he had worked on the Intel Atom,so he gave it to me. As for windows tablets, I have never tried them.

Your best bet would be to buy an iPad, I don't know how much they are in the UK, but in the US where i live, they're about $300-$400. To me iOS seems the most stable, so consider an iPad. And if you have a mac, it will make working with your iPad a little easier- my MacBook Pro does it beautifully. Hope this all Helps!

iPad's are faster to load than most Android tablets. Their battery life is also longer in most cases. There have been some improvements to Android performance, but there are still complaints out there for loading times and a variety of errors. I prefer iOS over Android (personal preference) and with an iPod or iPhone, compatibility is a no-brainer. A lot of the cheaper Android tablets can look impressive on their spec-sheets, but the information in many cases can be very misleading - so take caution of the cheaper ones... Some are made with cheap plastic (versus glass or Gorilla glass) that tends to wear and warp and make your touch-screen technology a bit useless. Battery life is often calculated with the worst user settings, such as a very dim backlight, so when you view it in the store (at full brightness) it can seem fine, but the battery won't last as long at this setting. There are many out there that also don't offer the official Google App Store (to save money I suppose) and opt for their own marketplace with limited apps available. If apps are important to you, then there's no comparison with Apple.

As far as Windows... MS Surface is due for release and based on hardware, it seems like a contender, but I would honestly walk, no RUN away from it screaming. It utilizes metro apps (with NO legacy support), meaning you'd be running optimized mobile versions of software, and NONE of your Windows applications, games etc will be compatible on Surface's Win8 platform. Its also ridiculously overpriced and not worth it IMO.

I would seriously look at iPad 2 or 3 and the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity (3rd generation, which has addressed some WiFi & GPS issues of the older versions). They're both priced about the same, and are fairly comparable - everything else is apples to oranges (pun intended). :-)