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Choosing Arduino for begginer Answered

I would like to get into using Arduino and i have very little background knowledge on it. I would like a basic view of it and what should i buy to get started?




Best Answer 8 years ago

the arduino is a very good hobby electronics board as there is a ton of help from others on this site and all around the web. it is really easy to interface with sensors and other things such as speakers, radios, motor contolers, computers, and etc. also you can learn the enviroment and use it for lots of other things other than the arduino. the arduino duelmilnove is great for starting off i got the starter kit from hacktronics you could also get the seeduino which is cheaper but if you accidently fry the microcontoler you cant replace it like you can with a regular arduino or upgrade the chip if they release support for a chip with higher memory starter kit from hacktronics http://www.hacktronics.com/Arduino/Arduino-Starter-Kit/flypage.tpl.html

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6 years ago

I am also a begginer. I bought a kit on this website:


The kit includes a Sainsmart UNO and a 1602 LCD and SainSmart Sensor Shield V4 . It is easy to connect and start to use it.

First, connect two jumper cables to the IIC(1 and 2) on the sensor shield, but not connect to the com(2 and 3). Second, connect another 4 cables, one head goes to GND, VCC, SDA, SCL on the sensor shield, and one head goes to the corresponding GND, VCC, SDA, SCL on the LCD module. Then connect your USB cable to computer and open the Arduino software downloaded before and click up the sketch to test and watch it come to life and see it blinking. The display is very bright and easy to read. It worked very well and I have been thinking about using this kit for more projects by connecting it with some sensors like temperature sensor, distance sensor, etc.


8 years ago

I would start off with an Arduino Duemilanove because it does not require assembly and has many tutorials built around it. Here is a good getting started tutorial: http://www.ladyada.net/learn/arduino/