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Choosing a Transistor ? Answered

Hello All..

I wan't to power up a 10A (12v)  loads with a Arduino .. What is best transistor for this job ?
Also what is the resistor value to use between Arduino ?

Thanks all..


Use a mosfet, preferably with a logic-level input, like an IRL540.

You won't need a resistor.



Thanks for you replay.. this IRL540 is not available for me..
can I use IRF540 instated ?

You need an IRL series, so you can switch it directly from the Arduino pin. You might get some other IRL series device instead.


Unfortunately none of IRL series available on local market ...

Try asking for a logic-level mosfet then - an IRF540 will struggle.

Where are you ?


I am from Egypt..
What is the best IRF540 can effort ? 5 Amps ?

Cairo ? There are some SERIOUSLY good place in Cairo, because I've been there hunting parts.

33 ! But you need to get the gate WELL on to saturate the gate - like 10V +


Unfortunately not living in Cairo.. seems I'll travel to Cairo to get those mosfets ...
Thanks Steve, If you come to Cairo again wish to see you ( :