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Chords Answered

What chords do you know? G, EM, E, F,C


Leads are where its at! :P

power cord are pretty easy. they sound good on electric too

E, Em, G, F, Fm, A, Am, C, D, Dm. I just started playing guitar about 2 weeks ago and have been teaching myself.

Thats cool I'm pretty much teaching my self too!!!  F is hard do you think F is hard???

Yeah, barre chords suck.

well of course you could do the non barre version of it....

Yeah, that's what I do now that I've discovered it.

Lotta people think F is hard...

You play the Guitar too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no, I play piano...

O O Its hard on the guitar!!! I still have it goting it down let!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take it its easy on the piano????