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Chosing a Motor for EV Motorcycle Answered

I am thinking of building a EV Motorcycle. But I don't want to make any finical commitment unitl I know exactly how much I have to pay.

my question for the day is:
i see many motors, and motor controllers that "support regen" i know what regen is, and i don't want a bike without it.

but do i have to match a motor that "supports regen" with a controller that "supports regen" or can i just buy any motor with the proper voltage and buy a "regen" controller.

i realize that i would be very convient to use a kit like http://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/ETK-ETEKBL250.html but if i can drop the cost, by useing other sites that would be great if you have prefered sites for specific products, that would be great.

-thank you for you time.


If it has magnets in it, it supports regen. If it doesn't, then not a chance.


9 years ago

The regen controller is a must, but the motor part is puzzling. A very simple motor (the sort you get out of a hand held fan or something like that) will probably "support regen" as it outputs a voltage when you turn it, but possibly some EV motors will deliberately suppress that output to avoid damaging simple or homebrew control circuitry that doesn't support regen. Your best bet is probably to check that any motor you consider doesn't do what I said above- as regen is, as far as I know, the default option for a DC motor it might not say it because it is implied, and advertising DC motors as "this supports regen! OMG" could just be a marketing ploy ("Brawndo lead acid battery- it's got electrolytes!").

Seconded. I think the simpler motors should automatically "support regen". You might check thou to make sure the output is compatible with any batteries. I'm hoping to do an electric motorcycle this spring. I plan to use the motor from an old electric golf-cart, and a transmission form an old Harley, or pre-unit Triumph.