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Christmas Gift Ideas Answered

Ok, I'm not a big one for receiving gifts.  I like telling me people to get me this or that, that if the need for something was that great then I would already have it.

Well my wife won't leave it alone, so she is making me make a list.  I have nothing nerdy or diy oriented although I've always loved everything about instructables / make.

Basicly I'm hoping people on here can give me an idea of where I can start.  First off maybe suggest a book to get me started in circuitry / electronics, don't really need one probably due to online tutorials.

Also I need tools, tell me what tools a novice electronics hobbyist should invest in first.




8 years ago

I'm not one who's able to or good at electronics, so for gifts I try to do something a bit more materialistic and less electrical. One of my favorite things to do is to go to sites like ThinkGeek and Vat19 to browse for the interesting products they have there, and try to recreate it for an even cheaper price. For example, the bottle cap tripod is quite easy, probably gluing a screw onto something that pivots and then gluing that onto a bottle cap. From $15 to almost free if you have the stuff.


Happy Thanksgiving week for now!


8 years ago

K My current list is
Instructables Pro Subscription
Swiss Tech MPCSSS-EX Micro Plus EX 9-in-1 Key Ring Tool Kit
Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest M. Mims III
Electronic Formulas, Symbols & Circuits by Forrest M. Mimms III
Maker's Notebook
Solder Practice Kit
Xacto X75170 X-tra Hands with Magnifier

I'm lookin at maybe some Arduino stuff, I really have no idea at this time what exactly it is haha, but almost every instructable I've read thats been slightly complex has had one :P So I know I'm going to need to learn it sooner or later.

Should I avoid Arduino oriented stuff until I learn the basics or go ahead and get that as well?

Looking up soldering guns I've noticed the price varies quite a bit, why? I'm assuming that the digital ones are for more precision requiring projects, but from $10-$200 with the only seeming difference being wattage and the accessories seems kinda odd to someone who does not know.

Multimeters, do I need one starting out? Whats the good / bad / ugly to look for?


8 years ago

Obviously you'll need a basic soldering iron - they can be bought for quite reasonable amounts.

Have you had a look at the "Intro Electronics" section of Maker Shed?  You could just ask for a surprise from that section.


Reply 8 years ago

I've never seen that site before, Ive been so busy with work lately not much time to look around haha.

Well I was searching around on forums and found a couple books, I know I don't really need books because the internet but, its something I can carry around and take to work when I have down time. But these were some the kinda popped out at me.

Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest M. Mims III

Electronic Formulas, Symbols & Circuits by Forrest M. Mimms III

MAKE: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery

I'll take a look at the link you provided and find some stuff in there