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Christmas Interruptus Answered

Just a heads' up, I'm away for the Christmas break, visiting relatives without a useful internet connection* , so I will be less than my usual ubiquitous self over the next week or two.

However, said relatives may be installing wireless broadband while we are there, so I may be able to pop in occasionally.

The plan is to leave tomorrow morning (the 23rd), so, if we don't speak before then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(Thank you for all your kind comments already!)

*I will not sit in a cupboard to use dial-up!


The blizzard knocked out the power, so I'll have internet only as long as my laptop's battery lasts (if the internet doesn't drop before that). Have a nice holiday, Kiteman!

Bosten's in a bad way I hear too (this past Sunday, I talked with a friend from New Zealand that moved there not long ago)

On the bright side, I think there's a film in that, somewhere. Makes me glad that we don't even have a light frost forecast before Boxing Day.

I'll send the Frosty over to see you if you'd like ? :-)

If you can arrange for it to arrive on the evening of the 24th?

Oooh, that might be a problem. Frosty was kinda, sorta, destroyed:

Fake !!! Fake !! That is a Fake frosty.....no top hat :-)

He's on to us! Burn the evidence and get out of here, quick! :P

Burn, the evidence? You mean melt it.

snow-water-HYDROXY! Burn Baby Burn!

It certainly smells badly enough :-)

Someone has actually burned water before but it does need salt. link

You can actually scorch water when it is in the form of snow, by trying to melt it too quickly in a pan on the stove. I smells awful.

Well, you will have to make sure he doesn't melt now, Frosty doesn't LIKE to be allowed to get to warm :-)


It is bloody 48 degrees out there......

I am not sure where there is, but here it is normally in the low 30's by now

"here" is New Jersey. I could go outside in my shorts and t-shirt and not be cold...wahhhhhhhaaaaa.

Hmm, you aren't that far off the the east then. Last weekend it was that warm here in south central PA

Yeah, now it's really windy and cold. I don't even want to go to the mummers thing today, now.

It's snowing now. How weird. Hopefully, it sticks.

yeah, it didn't last very long for sure :)

Yes, windy....but cold is when I start wearing more then just a windbreaker outside :-) Cold is when you spit and it freezes before hitting the ground. Cold is when a candle flame freezes and you have to take it inside to thaw it out so you can see again. But it is windy out there :-)

Yes, I did survive. The power went back up later that day, but the internet stayed down for a while. Nine inches of snow. It's all melted now, washed away by rain. :D

Is there a reason you have a "." before your sentence?

. I shall mimic you until you reveal the answer!!

. maybe we should all do it? it is a question i keep meaning to ask..

.aye, we'll Period-Before-The-Sentence the blagard till he rerevales....

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.aye.... Is the latter part of your comment supposed to mean something?

it does mean something, to the more well educated ones among us.

Blast you and your college education!!

Blast me with what? you not finished it yet!

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