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Christmas List! Answered

'Tis the season to figure out what would make you happiest on the 25th of December this year! So, my question is, what is the one thing you want this year? :D


I want a slide rule or a sonic screwdriver!

XBox 360 + Gears of war

if you downloaded halo for the PC, and by chance you found a game i was hosting, and went in and played, but i kept owning you, and you couldnt kill me (i have 3 halo usernames, one per computer)

and then a Ghost attacked me, then the boogie man jumped out of my closet, then the guy who owned google died and gave me google, then I converted to Christianity, then I used magic to eat a ham sandwich, then I bought 2 billion dollars with only 1 dollar, then fairies flew in my window. Never going to happen.

You need magic to eat a ham sandwich?
(I would, I hate ham)

and then you woke up from your dream, and realized i just pwnd you on Halo.

And then I wake up from my nightmare, put a plasma rifle to your helmet and fire.

oops thinkin of plasma pistols yes, thats it, kidding

nah, i can kill a brute with a plasma pistol, but i cant do it with a plasma rifle. Besides, the battery on the rifle wears down quicker, and it overheats faster

i can haz expert? yez, i haz teh expert!

ive also played on heroic and legendary.........

Playing on and Winning on are different.

i would have won, but my game crashed before i finished, so................

and then i go "how dumb are you? my helmet is plasma resistant" then I walk up, put a shotgun to your neck, and fire

Then I go "How stupid are you? That shotgun is a squirt gun". Then I pull out my real pistol with a full clip and fire all ammunition through your helmet and into your brain, thus killing you. You are dead. blag.

Suddenly, I jump out behind a wall and go "haha, you fell for the shoot the clone trick". I pull out a real rocket launcher, and blast you. You shot the clone, i shot you with a rocket launcher. And yes, i shoot your clones with a full auto afterward

As the rocket is zooming towards me I wake up suddenly in a cold sweat. "That was some dream." I go upstairs. My mother says, "Wow, you looks terrible. What's wrong?". "I had a dream I was master chief and got killed by some noob", I reply. "Good thing it was just a dream" she says, as she reaches down. She pulls out a plasma pistol and begins charging. "What the hell is that, mom?!". All I got was a "Goodbye, honey". the last thing I saw was a bright ball of green and the last thing I felt was the burning heat of a million suns...

then, you wake up after being in a coma for a week, to find yourself hanging over an incinerator............

to be continued........

nah, i was thinking more like next year.......

then I bought 2 billion dollars with only 1 dollar

Hmm, the reverse of this is VERY possible....

Yeah, especially with these market conditions.

Yup. I don't celebrate it for the Christian Element, I celebrate it because it is a time to give and receive gifts and spend time with family, and since Christmas is one of the only times I get to see a lot of my family, it's really something I celebrate despite my Atheism.

then you've missed the point of christmas

if you only celebrate it for the gifts, then you missed the point

Patrick says... ...AH! AH! Do you read?!...

...since Christmas is one of the only times I get to see a lot of my family, it's really something I celebrate despite my Atheism...

Patrick says... ...AH! AH! Do you read?!...

...since Christmas is one of the only times I get to see a lot of my family, it's really something I celebrate despite my Atheism...


...Unfortunately, almost every holiday that is commonly celebrated can be traced to pagan roots, including the lowly Ground Hog day...

BTW, that site is a Christian site.

BEST GAME EVER!!!!! you will not be disapointed

I want to get GoW and GoW2 and Halo 3 if I get a 360 for Christmas. Then I'll want to get the wi-fi thing so I can hook it up to the intarrwebz, but that won't be for a bit. Until then I'll just hook it up to the router and move my TV upstairs for a bit. But anyway, Yeah, I read the reviews and saw some gameplay of GoW2 and it looks awesome. I played the original for an hour, too. I love the cover system. How's the online play? The 360 console pack I want comes with 2 live things; a trial and a subscription.

I don't know how good online play is, my xbox live ran out and I'm too cheap at the moment to go buy more...

Crawling is such a nice feature. Hord mode is awesome. GoW2 FTW!

I'm actually playing right now, and I'm standing still, in the open, talking to you. This won't end well...

R4, Wii Music and Animal Crossing LGTTC

Wii Music? People have been hating on it. But the way I see it, it's great. It's not meant for the guitar hero fans, its for family members to do together.

This year, I'm wanting a new sewing machine.

I'd like to have a machine to sew leather. I want to make leather re-inforced jeans for motorcycle riding, and put a leather seat in my hunting pants for sitting on the COLD ground.

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I really want a new camera this year. But my mom says that if I get one it would be all I got for Christmas and my birthday :\