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Christmas (holiday) Contest Answered

Well since knex is slowing down I thought that providing a contest people might get people start to build more. So there is a holiday contest where you can make a holiday themed creation. This could be almost anything. I will judge the contest on overall looks. You can enter as many things as you want. The prize for winning will be me 5 staring every one of your ibles and a subscription. Please ask any question and go at and build. Hint a video usually makes things look better.

Go out and build


Ok, if it isn't canceled then here is what I built.


www.youtube.com. Search Knex. Press recent. Look at Rollercoasters.

Just an update, the contest is still going one.


7 years ago

ill give it a shot...

well if your the only one who is going to build anything than the contest will be canceled. But keep building!