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Christmas lights question? Answered

Is there anyway to set up 2 strands of christmas lights so that when one is on the other is off and then they switch every couple of seconds.?


Buy a low voltage relay that a 555 timer will switch (see 555 data sheet for max voltage, current.)

Build the 555 astable timer cct with a period of 2 seconds.

As the time turns the relay on and off so the relay triggers between the 2 light strings.

I am assuming the light are mains powered if they are low voltage - LEDs for example you could build an astable cct and drive them directly if you choose the transistors well.

I'm sorry I wasn't very specific. I'm wanting to do this with two strands of christmas lights. The kind that you plug into the wall not battery opperated so its not low voltage.

He means one that is contolled by low voltage but has 110 volt contacts.

Then go for the relay option. That's why I posted both approaches.

I understand now. I got it working. Thank you very much.


6 years ago

Here is a simple circuit with R1=1K, R2=29K, C=100uF and
the Diode a 1N4001 about 2 seconds each.   .  .  .  A


It can be done. You just need some kind of timer, or micro controller. Maybe get two timers, and sync their on/off periods?