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Christmas list!!!! HELP ASAP! Answered

OKOKOKO, so all I have on my christmas list is a drumset. I know I'm getting that, but my dad said he saved up enough money for some little stuff with my drumset. I want coins for my coin collection but everything is too expensive!!! Does anyone know of any interesting online coin stores with cheap products? It would help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you talking old coins?  Coins that have been legal tender?  Those circulating still, or not?  Made up coins (limited editions of non-circulated coins, etc)? 

Idk, anything Collectible. Preferably silver...

Most coins "still in circulation" have little value, even if they are pretty old, unless there is some flaw in it from the stamping process.  (there is a copper penny, made the year that steel pennies came out, that is VERY rare, since most pennies that year were steel).  The steel ones are out there, and although you may think they are worth a lot, they aren't really.  They are, however, worth more than a penny :-) 

Coins that have never been legal tender, normally do not get very "collectible" as far as being worth more then the materials that make them up.  There are exceptions to every rule however.  

Here is one place to look up the average prices of  different coins... 
Another place, is here, where they have stamps and coins...

And one more, a link to several links to places to determine the actual value of coins.

You could try browsing ebay - put loads of coins that interest you on "watch" on a parental account, then they can choose to buy whatever does not go beyond their budget.  A quick look at the ancient coin section reveals a huge range of prices, from a few cents to many thousands of dollars.

You won't know what (exactly) you are getting, but you will know you will like it, since you put it on the list.

I'll go along with what Kiteman said. There are some really cool coins that don't cost a lot, and you can always buy lower grade specimens too.  And though you won't appreciate it now, sometime, in the future, that your parents gave them to you will make them more valuable than any other coins you'll ever own.

Here's a really neat "coin" that's cheap
I have one myself, not that I'm a collector, that I wouldn't sell for anything because it came from my mother.

ha, that's true. My dad gave me about 30 silver dimes, 20 silver quarters, 3 silver half dollars, and a silver dollar. He also had many war nickels, proofs, about 346 wheat pennies, and some other stuff.

That's an auction though. That could shoot up to 5 bucks. I prefer Buy it now items

There's two secrets to winning auctions.

One is apathy, bif what you're willing to pay and just forget about, if you don't win, meh!

The second is use a "sniper program" to enter you max bid 2 secs before the auction ends.  This is more successful.