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Chrome open source browser available now! Answered

At the moment, the only thing available for people anticipating Google's new open source browser, chrome, is screenshots and a comic book explaining why it was made.


But it is supposed to be available for download later today. Rumor is it will become available at 2 PM ET today. No word yet on whether it will steal your identity like Microsoft's IE.

Hooray for opensource browsers! If it does become available today as planned, I'll link to the download page.

Corrected link: Download link

Sorry it took so long, I was scrubbing a toilet and simply lost track of the time...


Go here for adblocker, gmail, etc, GM scripts to run in chrome.


I use Konqueror - a whoosh fast and capable surfboard

Yeah, I'm not entirely happy with it. But I'm sticking with it for now.

I read somewhere that Chrome actually isn't open source, but rather it's basis, Chromium is the open source part, and that Chrome is actually a closed source.

What's so great about it?

I did... What makes it so great, if I may reiterate?

It's lightning fast, the home page is excellent and the UI is fantastic. It scores higher than FF3 in the Acid3 test by 6 points as well.

Well, I DLed it and used it, but I refuse to "default" it until an Adblocker plus sorta thing comes out for it.

See this link-adblocker, and a whole lotta other things, are now available for chrome.

UnPhortunately I am unable to get those to work. I dragged the link onto my bar, but It doesn't block ads... :-{(

wait, it works on some things, but not all. It has potential, that's for sure.

Sounds great-I'm downloading it right now. If the screenshots are any indication, this looks like it will be an awesome browser. Kind of like a cross between FF and IE.

Yeah I'm not defaulting until they release the API for it so people can port GM and a GMail notifier.

Sorry it took so long, I was scrubbing a toilet and simply lost track of the time...

Time just flies by when you are having fun, right :-)

Yep, yep, just a blast house cleaning...ick...my least favorite job.

I know what you mean.......although I get a kick out of making things shiny again (polishing things *shrug* IDK)

Me too, I love jobs where I can see rust/grime/whatever disappear before my very eyes.

You're right, I installed it, and the tabs are slidy.

*slides tabs back and forth...and baaaack and forth....back and forth...*

Just don't try it in FF. I don't want you to be disappointed :P

I have to wait for a mac version, can someone tell me if its any good ?

It's very good. Very. It has a built in automatic spell checker, an "in cognito" mode, for surfing with no history collected, it almost never crashes (and if it does, only the one tab does-unlike IE) I've never had it crash on anything. Like other reviewers have said, the sleek UI almost makes you forget you are even using a browser. The only drawback really comes down to a lack of plugins, but then, this is the beta version, it has only been out for three days.

I'm excited for this. Sadly, I won't be able to use it for awhile, being a linux user, but it sounds impressive. From the comic book, the JS engine will be much better than anything else. Best of all, when one tab crashes, the rest of them don't! I'm also hoping that it will steal some of IE's marketshare from people who think of Google as the internet (or vice versa). It might also help WebKit shape up a bit...

>people who think of Google as the internet (or vice versa).

Argh, that's so annoying! Did you hear Bush's proud statement that he uses "the Google"? Technoidiots...

Andrian, you can take the Techno prefix off and still be 90 % accurate :-)

I downloaded it yesterday, It's very fast, Instructables loads in an instant. it has some functions of opera, that's cool, but it's still full of bugs, I tell it to Google each time I see one (I'm taking my "beta-tester " role a bit too seriously ;p). But I can't go on the intertubes without a FF window open near me for too long. Firefox can't be beat.

I like the speed of it. I just don't know if I will be able to stray away from FF3. I don't think that the timing of the release was well-planned on Google's part. They should have released it in another 6 months or so.


9 years ago

I wasn't impressed with it, personally. I'm using Opera currently, and it's lovely, despite the problem it has with loading photos in Instructables. Anywho, Chrome was lagging out for me, and remember kids, you want to UNTICK "Help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to Google." Makes for a private tomorrow, today.

It's not bad, very snappy on Instructables. No plugins yet...


9 years ago

note to tetranitrate: don't use chrome for your fire instructables,ittl make hexavalent chromium gas WHICH IS TOXIC


9 years ago

I am using chrome right now, the only problem I have with it is that when I use the scroll wheel I can only scroll down

i might download, but firefox is good

I'm reading this post using Chrome :)

I've been using it for the past 2 hours now and I am impressed!

Och... it can't be better than Firefox... can it?

Your link is broken.