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Chromehounds shall rise again!!! (at least I hope so) Answered

 Hey Ibles members and random guests! As very few of you know, Chromehounds was shut down in January. Well, this left mech game lovers with two series to choose from. Armoured Core or mechwarrior. I didn't like either and loved the customization and gameplay in Chromehounds. So using the UDK (unreal development kit), I plan on remaking a basic version of chromehounds then slowly upgrading models and textures until it's basically the same as the original. But I have another reason. I am searching through career options at the moment (still in high school), and videogame design is near the top of the list. So, I'm building the game from the bottom up using Chromehounds as a basis, so I can see if this is how I want to spend a portion (or all) of my life on.
    Now to the fancy images. These are the RFZ-CL-1 (tracks), RFZ-WMG-2 (Machine Guns), and M04CK Stuart (cockpit, the thing in the middle). Sorry about the brightness in the rendered image, haven't quite figured out this new renderer. All of these are mostly done but are all still WIP (work in progress).
    P.S. For the techies: I used Google Sketch Up and  V-ray (renderer).

pic 1: Rendered
pic 2: Unrendered, exported from Sketch Up
pic 3: Screenshot for accuracy comparison

P.S.S. YES!!! I know the guns are different!!!

The screenshots I used are from teamxbox.com, exact part numbers were from addictedgamer.com, and all models involved in this were originally created by From Software and SEGA. I just used screenshots to reconstruct them.