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Cigar Box Laptop Answered

Around New Year's Day, my family celebrated Christmas (had to wait for some family to visit) and one of my presents was a flat, rectangular cigar box with some gift cards and certificates. I haven't done much with the box, but after comparing it to the size of my laptop, they are roughly the same dimensions! Given that this is a wooden cigar box, would it be possible to turn it into a low-power laptop computer?
Since its wood, it would probably be better to put a screen and keyboard setup inside the box instead of the whole shabang (small hard drive, motherboard, etc.) while having the main hardware inside of an external tower. But if it was set up in this fashion, could it still be called a laptop?


Maybe you could add a tablet with one of those external keybosrds

Doh, that would be "keyboards"!

I like the idea! Very neat way of simplifying the whole thing! But since tablets usually have an OS that differs from that of a PC OS, would there be a clear difference? Would it be more of a tablet in a neat case or an easy way to make a "laptop"?

I think that's just an argument in semantics - you can buy touch-screen laptops with detachable keyboards, after all.

I'd say; "make it the way you want, and call it what you want".

That should be a famous quote. If anything, my thoughts on this idea were leaning on a survivalist mentality or somethin. i dunno.

That box looks too elegant for a survivalist project.

It should be a "gentleman's travelling computational device" or similar.

Not if you get a Windows tablet. Windows 8 looks the same across all platforms.