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Cigarette Butts into Clothing Answered

Uh. . .

Yes. Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero has topped my gross chart (and my hero chart too, I think) with her upcycled cigarette butt fashion. Started as a thesis project, Guerrero's goal was to transform the massive amounts of cigarette butts littering the beaches Chile into clean, useable material.

Hear her story and see the process at TreeHugger.


on antiques roadshow i saw a shirt made from the silk at the but of cigars. Surprisingly it was only worth about $10,000

Don't think this is what they mean by a "Smoking Jacket"


8 years ago

I wonder how this soap is actually made

"Even soap can be made from purifies cigarette butts!"

Especially given that soap is made from an alkali and fat... which comes from the cigarette butts?

perhaps she included the fiber into the soap to act as a kind of scrubby brush exfoliator type of thing

third hand smoke anyone?

Not to far fetched. We turn people poop into humanure. Then again I wouldn't rush out to buy a poo tie.

*Cough* ... *COUGH*

does that shirt smell horrible, ill bet it does


9 years ago

*walks to bathroom (vomits) *