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Cigarette Display Stand - What could I make it into? Answered

Hi guys!

This is my first post.  I'm wondering if any of you have any crazy ideas for this cigarette display stand? (see photo)  I bought it off of ebay for 55p! Yes, 55 whole pence! I could of course use it for general purpose shelving in the garage for screws etc, or perhaps as a key cabinet with some hooks?

Any ideas? Maybe I could transform it into an advertising box light?

Hit me!


Thanks for commenting Thrasym. Yeah if I make it into a box light I will use a low heat energy bulb. Thanks for the tip though! Has anybody got any more ideas?

Never mind bulbs, use LEDs - even cooler, and much more compact to hide behind angles of the unit.

Maybe remove the advert panel and replace with a back-lit sheet of translucent white plastic? You could then use it as white-board to keep notes on what is stored on the shelves.

(See how I've used the "reply" button, and you got a note about my comment? Thrasym doesn't know you responded to his post.)

That's a nice idea. I'd like to keep the advertising though. it adds character.thanks for the tip about leds.what do you think about making each shelf a separate illuminated section which lights up a retro advert from a cigarette manufacturer.how could i combine printed paper safely into the light?is it better to use acetate or something?

Paper is safe with LEDs (part of the reason I suggested them).

Illuminating each shelf separately is good - conceal the lights behind the vertical section at the top-front of each shelf, or make "footlights" behind that small lip that looks like it was intended to stop packs sliding off the front.

I'm guessing the shelves are only about 3 or 4 inches high? I'd probably just use it for storage, nothing too creative. To hold bins and containers of small items and store projects when not working on them (I tend to store projects in bins or small containers, to keep things together).

If you do light it, just be careful with the lights you choose, most of them get pretty hot, even if they're designed for shelf or cabinet lighting.