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Circuit Needed for cabinet lighting : 30 LED , with Dimmer single color (white)? Answered

I've got a rectangular cabinet which needs some lighting on the inside , i plan to make one with LEDs around the perimeter on the inside with 30 Leds , could i get a circuit for it along with a dimmer if possible . (AC supply is 240 V ) .


Got to home depot in the lighting section. Find the under cabinet kitchen lights. Locate the led lights. Pick the one you like best. Pick up a dimmer switch on your way out.

QUESTION, not sure if you could answer it. I am building a "HIGH TECH" light fixture complete with 180 10mm LED's, of course being 8 foot off the ceiling will be VERY BRIGHT!!..  Would you happen to know if a regular 120 volt dimmer switch would work, or would i have to go to the "fan", or "halogen" dimmers??.
I am planing on a 9 amp 12volt DC power supply for the project, of course I would be 'dimming' the DC side, not the HIGH voltage. 
If you do happen to know any kind of circuit that would be acceptable, I would like to go with a digital dimmer, that way when I enter the room, and activate a PIR (motion detector) the lights would slowly get brighter!!!..(I know pretty strange, I have a LOT of time on my hands.........)

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Are you able to put the LEDs into the cabinet, or do you need a holder? Find a source for the LEDs, then you will be able to design a circuit to match the specifications of the LEDs. The easiest way to dim them is to use PWM, with a potentiometer as a variable resistor to adjust the time the LEDs are off for, keeping the time they are on short. An off the shelf dimmer switch will not work.

Thanks for the tip, i've already purchased 100 5mm and 20 10mm led's, was planning to buy the resistors once i get it designed . i've got a 1A 4.5V source . as for the PWM do i need a 555 or can i get a circuit for it (without an IC) . whats the logic behind a dimmer does controlling the duty cycle make it look dimmer ?? (i know a lot of questions, pls ignore if very busy, posting here as it'll make me think what i need to do)