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Circuit boards, and all things related( i need help...) Answered

I need help. what are circuit boards? how do i attach things to them? what can i attach to them? what do these things do? stuff like that, any links pictures and or text anysers are extremely appreciated


There IS a method to do without PCBs but, it is a little beyond most people, involving surface mount componants: Beyond the PCB

i dont really need help with soldering, i think i understand it. what i dont understand are capacitors and resistors and thigns like that. stuff that you can solder to boards. and also why do you need them? would acetate work as a substitute to cardstock in VIRON's post? if i actually know something you dont, acetate is the stuff transparency sheets are made of, and also sheet protectors. used in cutting of stencils.

It would be too flexible and melt too easily... Unless it comes thick. Acrylic may be a better choice. Or lexan or plexiglass. Maybe even polystyrene. (model car kits are made of it) They used to make what I think was acrylic boxes with holes in one side to put the parts on. The parts are the working pieces of your gadget, just like the gears inside of an old wind-up clock, but using electricity instead of mechanical energy.


10 years ago

When I was very young and had no tools not even a soldering iron, I'd poke holes in thin cardboard and put the parts leads into the holes and twist them together on the other side. It was like perf-board, which has no copper or solder, just lots of holes. I recently found one that I obviously made out of the back of a spiral notebook.

circuit boards are basically flat wires on a board. Circuit boards were a revolution because it saved massive space for circuits. To connect through hold components (components with leads) just feed them through a hole and solder it! For smd/smt parts just solder directly