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Circuits and clothing at conventions: anything to look out for? Answered

I've been working on a pair of working Daft Punk helmets for some time now. I am working on the electronics for it now, and I'm designing a systems to let me wear the helmets drivers and batteries without having to have a backpack that would cover up the hard work I did on a jacket (shameless plug is shameless).

Anyway, I've settled on a custom vest with pockets to store all the needed bits and bobs. However, if I wear just the vest (from the plans I have so far) I get the feeling someone might think it's some sort of bomb. While I have no intention of removing my jacket (as to try and keep the inner working under wraps) I am concerned that if I do remove the jackets, someone might get startled at a convention. As I have never personally been to a convention, and I plan to start going on them much more, I was curious if anyone has dealings with stuff of this nature. And, if they do, if there is anything I can do to ensure nothing as bad as someone yelling "bomb" at me (maybe get it checked as a weapon?). Either way, this is something I need to consider before I actually start making the control vest, so if I need to modify the design, I can. 

Also: I do know that most conventions have certain guidelines to them. Again, I have yet to go to any, and plan to go to them more often. Due to this, I want to know what the most strict set of rules would be, and follow those. Although, the strictest I have seen is peace-bonding weapons, nothing regarding clothing. 

Thanks in advance! 


Once tickets are on sale, or about to go on sale, for the con in question send an email to the organizers and include a couple pictures. They should be able to tell you yea or nay or direct you to someone who can. It may be as simple as getting a peace-binding attached visably just so people can see that it was inspected and cleared by the organizers.

heck just make it look like a cartoon bomb it will be cool , gaudy red tnt sticks and excessive wires convention costumes are well costumes have fun with it . if its not a bomb what trouble is there?

That could be fun! It would take away from the cosplay a bit, but I think it could be fun! Still need to figure out the strictest set of rules, just to ensure that this won't cause a problem..
Also, I'm not sure how much trouble it would/could cause. I know that most con's are *ver* strict on prop weapons. For example, they peace-bind swords to seath so you can brandish it.

look at the con your going to and see there rules there all going to be different . you could also wire all your gear in a appropriate prop ie brief case, flash light lunch box a skull . and who says you cant take a costume and put your own twist on it

I've looked at the main one I'm planning on going to, and I'm not seeing anything outlining anything about suspicious looking undergarments. Also (as I'm sure you can already tell) I plan WAY too far in advance. As such, I want to make sure that I don't come to the "Oh boy! A convention! But shucks, I can't wear my customer because it breaks [insert guideline here]..." (also, the generally sarcasm, nothing personal! Gotta love how text does that...).
And I might try and do something like that. But, as I said below, I'm kinda hellbent on the vest, as I plan to use to not only to hold some batteries, but to keep my cool and hydrates without ruining my cosplay by wearing a camel pack or carrying a cooler for icepacks.

we then you have time to make it thick and unseen If you want . you know put the pockets on the inside with a thicker fabric outside I might look normal might want it to be breather able though. it is always a good idea to torture test a costume in advance to get the bugs/ rubbing spots out ahead of time .

Time is one thing I do have plenty of. As for the unseen, thats the entire goal of the vest. I figure I'll have bags and what not to care, and I wanted to stir away from anything in my hands that are needed to run the costume. As for a torture test, also planned. I plan to wear it at work one day, and see how long I can stand the heat there and if the ice packs help any.

You shouldn't need a vest or backpack. You should be able to get it all into the helmet. If not you need to start finding smaller parts and use a larger helmet.

I know I can get all the drivers in the helmet, but I would like to use a larger battery as to ensure I can have it going for a good few hours longer then is needed to make sure I do not have any issues of batteries dying while at a convention. I also plan to stick some sort of EAS system inside the helmet, so I can hear people instead of hearing muffled voices.
I will also being using a spare phone as a voice morph, and I will be putting speakers on the vest so I can be heard (as I've already found out people can't hear me while the helmet is on)

A good lith-ion battery will do the trick. If not have several on you that can be changed out as needed.

And again I feel like an idiot...
Although that will cut down on wires running from the helmet to the vest, I'm still going to stick with the vest, as I plan to put pockets inside it for me to stay cool (because although it's pleather, that jackets still gets insanely hot) and have a hidden water bladder.