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Citrine crystals and hepatitis protein? Answered

Has anyone else heard that  when a laser is passed through a citrine crystal onto bodily scars, it will remove scar tissue?  Also, any news on research using a protein found in hepatitis ( c, d, or g,?) to cure aids??  I heard both of these  on the radio. Thanks. kathleen



A laser will remove scar tissue with or without the citrine crystal. It leaves a hole in the skin, but it gets rid of the scar tissue... And the proteins in hepatitis will 'cure' aids the same way an axe will 'cure' a headache. It's not what you say, but how you say it : )

I have played with amino acids on plants- a carrot top to be specific- and the small slice of carrot grew fully into a parsnip like root ( a throwback to original species of carrot , before carrot was developed into succulent root of today) and also went to seed!! Not common for a carrot top!! so, i think it is an amino acid in the hepatitis virus that will cure aids- and the crystal will heal the hole left by the laser.

How is the amino acid in hepatitis any different than the (SAME) 21? in everything else?


Isn't it nice to think so? But _why_ do you think so? (I'm probably dropping out of this conversation. You're convinced, you're not interested in being convinced otherwise, and I'm not interested in argument.)

Both sound absolutely bogus to me. Your milage may vary.

There is nothing magical about crystals. Light run through a crystal is still just light. At most you might get some diffraction (won't affect a laser since it's monochromatic) or diffusion (for which a sheet of frosted glass would work just as well). If anything cured AIDS, or even looked likely to do so, it would be one of the biggest news stories of the decade and you'd hear about it everywhere. Whatever radio program you're listening to, I recommend you stop. Or recognize that they have no clue and treat it as humor.

Laser Light run through a coloured crystal might not even get through at all ! Its the magic words "laser" and "crystal" methinks.


As i have said before, a green tourmaline crystal, when heated , develop opposite charges at opposite ends of the crystal! quartz crystal control radio frequencies! sulfur and topaz produce electrical charge when rubbed! Magic, I think not!!

As Steve pointed out: Yes, there are specific behaviors of specific materials when subjected to specific conditions, crystals included. There are none that I can think of which would make a crystal in a laser beam act as anything other than an optical element. If you can't present a theory as to why you expect to see a particular result, you are talking about magic rather than science. "It must do something" isn't sufficient; by that reasoning, the laser/crystal combination would be as likely to makes scarring worse as to lessen scarring -- and much more likely to either cause burns or do nothing.

sorry i took so long to reply- quartz clocks run on crystals- often wondered why cars were not powered by a clockwork spring mechanism, with crystals, - also,the protein would be an amino acid, i think- I have added amino acids ( specific ones) to some plants i was growing, with amazing results!!!

Clocks don't "run on quartz crystals", the crystal is a piezo electric material, whose change in dimensions affects its electrical properties on a very tiny scale.

Ordinary ruby red laser light is very effective on scarring.

What were you listening to?
Crystals in this type of context are usually the hallmark of something bogus.
"Cure+AIDS" is one to be suspicious of too.


Did you try googling and then reading the news results thrown up? Or had you already read those? If so you might want to ask more specific questions and include links to articles you wanted confirmation of.