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Clarification about AH? Answered

Could you please clarify the following:

"Batteries are measured in Amp Hours or Ah. This is basically the measure of how many amperes can be drawn from the battery in an hour. For instance, a 20Ah battery will let you draw 1 ampere for 20 hours."

Did you mean that you can draw 20 Amps per Hour?



Best Answer 4 months ago

You are correct. Likewise, you could draw 2 amps for 10hours , 4 amps for 5hours, 5 amps for 4 hours and so on.
Since LEDs generally draw about .02 amps (20mA) , a 1Ah battery supply should last about 50 hours.

I've read that you shouldn't drain a rechargeable battery fully and that you should only take it down for 40-50% max to extend it's life so this would halve the usage time (i.e the 1AH example above would be more like 25 hours than 50)?