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Clarifications about a linear induction motor. Answered

Several questions:
-Calculate the force of a linear induction motor from the magnetic field/current (aluminum induced surface)?
-How does one determine the direction in which is moves considering the magnetic fields are not static and there isn't a second magnet since it is just an aluminum induction surface?
-Is there an optimal current frequency for a linear induction motor?
-Is there any way to make a single phase Linear induction motor, and avoid using 3 phase current?


Read Eric Laithwaite's work on them - he pioneered them. His book on EM theory,

A linear induction motor is JUST LIKE an ordinary induction motor, so the theory of the latter drives the former.

No, it isn't possible to make a single phase linear induction motor

Could you post some links to his work which would answer my specific questions?


You will learn more by searching and reading Eric's work. I doubt steve is going to spoon feed it to you.

Laithwaite delivered two Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, the first, an Engineer in Wonderland had an accompanying book, which is a very valuable introduction to electrical theory.