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Clarifying recipes by showing our country Answered


I've noticed after perusing just a few candy Instructables that some confusion comes from the fact that Instructables is an awesomely international site. It seems like lots of comments come from all over the world with questions when brands and particularly obscure ingredients are mentioned.

I wondered if showing what country people who comment live in, that those in the same country can especially help, and that it might make for interesting discussion to learn about our different food cultures and available ingredients.

What do y'all think?


I think it should be mandatory to put your country on your profile.

Perhaps a "country of origin" flag for that particular member tacked somewhere near the top of every ible as a default thing, or perhaps have a "country of origin" flag option in the publishing menu near the channel selector bit.

Not every member has their location as something recognisable with a flag. Mine is "Eastest Anglia", and I have seen somebody who recorded their location as "behind you".