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Clean Your Sinuses, Homemade Lathe, Disco Coaster... Answered

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Sept. 27, 2007
Welcome back!

October is right around the corner so get started for our
DIY Halloween 2007 Contest! If you want some inspiration for what you want to make for the best holiday of the year, check out these cool projects.
How to Clean Your Sinuses
You can clean your sinuses really effectively just using warm water, salt, and something called a Neti Pot.
posted bynoahwon Sep 25, 2007
IKEA Power Charging Box with individual switches
Charge up select devices without wasting power on other chargers.
posted byPRODonSep 24, 2007
Trekking Pole Tripod
Get steady shots in the outback without lugging any extra gear.
posted byjeffkobion Sep 24, 2007
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100% Homemade Lathe
Put together your own lathe for around $100.
posted bycatwoodonSep 21, 2007
Disco Drinks Coaster
Bring the feeling of Las Vegas into your living room with a colorful array of 100 LEDs.
posted by ebenuptonon Sep 22, 2007
A guide to help you through some of the common problems with boombox modding.
posted byunknownuser2007onSep 21, 2007
How to Install Standard-and-Bracket Book Shelves
Why use PVC pipe for plumbing when you can glue it together to form a sniper rifle with a scope that can shoot at over 300 fps?
posted byewilhelm onSep 22, 2007
Puri - similar to chapati but fried
Normally prepared on festival days, delicate and delectable puris means pure pleasure guaranteed.
posted byavinashon Sep 21, 2007
Wearable Disco Ball Visor
Become a moving lightshow with this generous use of flexible mirror.
posted byBIGDaddy504 onSep 25, 2007
Rope into backpack
Commonly known as the "butterfly coil," this is a very handy and quick way to carry any long rope.
posted bysam noyounonSep 25, 2007

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