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Cleaning an oil painting Answered

I bought a painting at a thrift store. It appears to be palette-applied oil paint. There are no brush strokes that I can see. It looks like it was painted on plywood. It's pretty dirty. And it looks kind of old. There's no frame.


Look at this website


Thanks Mr. Cool. I did try the "soft white bread" method and it worked very well. I actually uncovered some tiny figures under the years of dust! The colors are much more vibrant as well. Again, thank you for your input. Very much appreciated!

I had to look this up (because when I remember hearing of this first, I thought it was a little odd), but a restoration tip is to use "soft bread" to clean the painting. It will apparently mop up the dirt without causing damage. You can read about it more here.

Thank you so much for your input. After I sent in my question, I realized I forgot to say "palette KNIFE". I have already cleaned the painting with a soft damp cloth (can't you hear the restoration people cringing?) but I was very careful, with blotting, not scrubbing. There is still a lot dirt on it, so I'll try the soft bread method. Thanks ever so for your help!

No problem. If you need more help, reply back here. Otherwise, if the bread method works, remember to select a best answer here so this question is marked as answered. - I hope it works out. :)

That's a great link! The caveats are words to live by ("people choose watch repair as a hobby [because] they lack the patience to do art restoration." :-D), as is the excellent advice.

Thanks. I seem to find that badly made websites with "snooty" sounding names are usually owned by people who know what they're talking about (in their profession) and simply lack the full understanding of what a website should look like. - At least they have a sense of humor. lol...

"Should look like"? :-/ I think "content vs. flash" is the critical issue here, eh?

eh? ... well we know you haven't lost your sense of humor. :D

I think he was referring to the fact that his website looks a lot like the one that looks aweful :p Right K?

Could be.... (I hope my reply didn't sound rude... I was trying to be funny about the "eh?" part... you know, poke fun at the Canadian girl). :D lol