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Cleaning windows with magnetic sponge Answered

 I was looking for a solution to clean my roof windows and found this solution: www.supermagnete.de/eng/project136

But I don't know which magnets I should order. If they are to weak the sponge will fall of all the time, but I use this monster magnet like this guy the window might get damaged.

Is there someone who got a collection of magnets already (and dirty windows) and want to give it a try?

In my case the window is around 10mm thick + lets say 5-10mm sponge on each side + 3-4 mm thick piece of plywood to distribute the pressure.


It's a fish-tank thing. You would need those powerful Neodymium magnets wrapped in cloth. Search the internet for those magnets.


There is a Instructable someone made similar to this.  Something about using magnets to clean a fish tank if I remember right.  I never read it but seen it on the side while surfing one day.  I'm too lazy right now to look it up so I'm sure someone around here will.  Or you could just search for it yourself and save someone else the trouble.