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Clear LCD Answered

Is there anywhere I can get a working transparent LCD screen? Graphical would be nice, but not vital. It doesn't need fancy colors or anything.


Well, you do realise that most normal computers monitors, have a transparent panel in them. They then have alot of gubbings at the back that create a evenly spread lighted background. So if its a pc monitor, you just need to get down and dirty and take one apart, the LCD panel will still work. Obviously, without the back lighting it will be hard see the screen as well as normally.

Was actually hoping for a small one to fit over my eye for a HUD.

mp4 / digital picture frame lcd you cannot focus on something that close to the eye. if you hold it at 0.1 m (which is the minimum to focus on it atleast for short time) you see everything thru it severely unfocussed

hmm, thats a hard one, a screen from those said items would be best, but hard to interface with anything. You can get screens closer to your eye using lenses.

contact lens that makes the screen focussed + glasses that undo the effect of the lens might give the desired effect but i dont like the idea of using contact lens / glasses if you have normal vision (it can get changed by getting used to the optics) question is what is to be displayed. maybe it can be loaded as images / video to the player / frame and thats all

I was thinking something that could be measured by a sensor on the finger. Heart rate, blood sugar, something like that. The way it is encoded isn't really vital. I'm sure binary or morse code or something would be an acceptable output.

then maybe smt leds ? it'll be simple with them and you can make it color coded

That's not a bad idea! Ahh, simplicity.

some lcds probably can be used as bar graph with circuit similar in complexity to that of leds but they still dont solve the focussing problem

Though one could probably have little lenses over the LED's if it was needed, Eh?

Or Even alter the plastic covering on the LED itself. How to do that for different focal lengths would make a good instructable.

you see the leds as spots of light. no need to make them sharp and anyway to make something sharp you need the lens on distance from the object. like to see sharp objects on the glasses you need contact lens and not the glasses themselfes

At that point, I doubt it will be much of a problem.

or even just have a bluetooth headset!

great idea ! on the other side you can hook up mp3 player with recorded bits of text and control it with arduino A01_yr_pulse.mp3 A02_60.mp3 A03_70.mp3 A04_80.mp3 A05_90.mp3 A06_1.mp3 . . A14_9.mp3 A15_beats.mp3 playyyyyyyyyy wait 3 sec play wait 2 sec next wait 0.5 sec next next next next next next next wait 0.5 sec next next next next next next wait 3 sec stop stoppppppppp your pulse is sixty four beats per minute

No, that gets installed in the car.

I had an idea like this once, can't you just fuzzy the screen so that the image comes clear? It's like focusing a projector if you have bad vision, it'll be focused to you, but it won't really be focused, you know?

i dont think a fuzzy image can be recovered to good one in any way (except maybe processing by computer) glasses make no real image. the image is created by the combination of glasses and eye. if combination is good itll be sharp. otherwise itll be fuzzy. thats why you see fuzzy thr some else's glasses i dont know how happens what you describe with the projector - it makes real image on the screen

If you can think of a way to do that, you have my attention.


9 years ago

Hmm, looks like the terminology I'm looking for is "transmissive LCD". Seems like I could desolder one of those from the control board and look though it.

Besides the I'ble, Google won't be your friend on this one.

The best result was following a link to Amazon for an iPhone screen protector (yeah), when then had a cross link to Planar Embedded. You may get better results with a more detailed search yourself.