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Clever, inexpensive shelves and storage built under attic sloping roofs? Answered

I have my office in an attic, with long sloping ceilings. The space under the slope is wasted, and ends up being a catch-all for junk. I'd like a clever and inexpensive way to built custom shelves that make the best use of the triangular space (drawers on the bottom that use the full length to the edge, for tripods, boompoles, etc.) I'd love something that includes a concealed pegboard for cables. It could be a mixture of cupboards, and drawers and recessed spaces. Does anyone have a good solution or IKEA hack idea? Thank you!



7 years ago

Here's an idea...To make the most of otherwise wasted yet valuable vertical storage space between attic trusses, check out the new AtticMaxx™ Shelving System, which mounts between trusses. The system includes eight 22” x 22” solid wood shelves with adjustable straps and a swiveling metal bracket, offering flexibility to accommodate varying angles of trusses depending upon the pitch of the roof. The shelves install in minutes with a screwdriver, level and four screws, and hold up to 50 pounds each. Provides organized, accessible and stable bin storage. Smaller shelves are also available to mount between studs of unfinished garages, basements, bonus rooms and outbuildings. the website is www.AtticMaxx.com. Good luck!


9 years ago

You could use hanging shelves. for example. get a plank of wood and hang it using heavy duty cabling. the stronger the cable the more additions you can make to it. like adding drawers to the base of it