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If you came here, you're probably** one of my followers. If you're one of my followers, you're probably interested in my Instructables. If you're interested in my Instructables, well... You get the point...

If you're interested in seeing my projects in action, and more, Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel!
Maybe these (deleted) embed links might decide to work one day... If you are on mobile or want to watch my channel trailer, Click here)

Have an idea for a project that you think I can make? Post it here, or send it in a Private Message! If I win in an Instructables contest with your idea, I'll send you a FREE 1 YEAR PRO Membership!

You can always contact me by Private message, though for something that's really important, you can send me an email using common sense and the period of this sentence, which contains my email address.  

More links:
Free PRO Membership Membership Giveaways
My collection of my favorite projects
My first I'ble
My first featured I'ble
My Twitter (haven't decided what I want to do there...)

**(If you came here through the forums, this Forum Topic has been linked from My Instructables Page. Since I now have no Orangeboard, and have several different sites that I want to link through my profile page, I thought that I would do it like this...)


I'm not sure how many people will see the link because of the new update, but the old Forum Topic that was linked through here got over 500 views... I suppose this thing works...

Yes, it works! I can see the views going up (70 views on 12/10/16)

Here is my channel trailer. Atleast embedding works here...