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Cloak help needed Answered

I want to have a cloak for the new harry potter theme at universal in Orlando. I went to this site " http://www.twinrosesdesigns.com/Cloaks%20for%20Sale.html " and looked at one called "Black Wool Cloak with Celtic Knot Trim" half way down the page, which I think is similar to the "Black 100% Wool Flannel Full Circle Cloak with Silver Knotwork Trim" located above it.

While it gives the measurements and some of the materials used, I was wondering if it's possible to make it for $50 or less instead of the $155 dollars they want.


I realise that this would probably be too late for you, but for others who might have a similar problem have a look at:

really good advice


9 years ago

I would sign up for Joannes mailing list because you get 50% off coupons. Then find a pattern and sew it. If you can't sew then beg someone to help you out. Also, don't buy wool if you're looking to save because it's pretty pricey. Ask the people at the fabric store and they will put you in the right direction for a substitute. Good luck

If you can sew, and spend less than $50 on materials.....Off to JoAnnes or somewhere for some material ideas.