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Clockwork Motors? Answered

I was recently in the mood to make a small robot from scratch, however i wanted to be creative and make a clockwork motor as the driving force behind it. however, i do not know how such a motor functions, nor do i have any idea how to create such a device. also as a secondary topic any knowledge on where to procure gears of all shapes and sizes would be highly benificial to this and other projects i have in mind.



Best Answer 7 years ago

A clockworkmotor is noting else than a spring that releases its tension thru a set of gears. To make A clockwork motor, you will have to deside on how long you want it to run, what weight it should be able to displace and at what speed.

Just like a normal gearbox, the gearratios will determine the speed and the weight you can displace.

A regulator could also come in handy to avoid to quick discharge.

There are so many things about robotics here. It's making me wish I was an engineer!

You might want to pick up a cheap old clock.


I doubt your going to manage to make one so breaking an existing toy for the motor or buying one new is your best bet.