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Clothes Drier on the fritz. Answered

My mom and I just finished repairing a clothes drier that has been sucking a ton of electricity, and has been taking more than two cycles to completely dry a load of clothes. The only things we really did were to remove all the lint, and carefully cleaned the heater coil. To find out if we did a good repair I decided to make the drier run with the door open, and to my surprise the whole coil began to glow like a toaster. I have made it run with the door open before, and the heater coil has never glowed very much. Is it okay for it to be doing this?


This is an electric dryer, right? Some gas dryers use a small coil as an igniter. When you say the door, do you mean the door to where you put your laundry or some access panel? What did you do to clean the coil and where exactly is it located?

It is an electric drier yes.The door where you load the laundry, and held down the buttons and placed a screw driver in the switch gap.I used a vacuum to carefully remove the dust,and hair that had gathered there.

So the cloths can't touch the glowing hot heating element, right? Like someone else said, check the exhaust pipe (the plastic pipe that leads to the vent outside) and make sure it isn't blocked. It may be that it's working fine now.

I don't know what flavor you have but I have done a lot to my Maytags. Normally the coil is enclosed in a tin housing and for the most part really isn't visible. If you stand to the side and look at the back while pushing the start button you should see a glow from this area. You may have to turn the light off to see it well. If you are getting heat and air then you may have just stirred up some of the lint and stuff and it got into the element. Hope you got it fixed!!!

Well,My mom just tried a load in the drier,and it seemed to have a faster time.Most importantly none of the clothes were on fire.

The coils are usually regulated by a thermostat or thermistor, you may have knocked it out of place or damaged it whilst cleaning. lots of appliances have a folder glued somewhere inside the cabinet with complete schematics and test procedures.

The only thing I touch in the electronics was about 5 moths ago when I disabled the buzzer that was driving everyone nut.The tempature shut off should be by the coils right?

Yea, I checked all of the wiring and the belt.Everything seems okay.

It is venting properly too ? When I lived at home, the venting, which went outside, would sometimes clog with lint that bypassed the filters.

thats what i was going to ask, but you beat me to it. our dryer had the same problems. it was under warranty so the repairman came out and checked it. nothing wrong... cleaned the vents, and it works like a charm now.

There is a nice steady airflow,and the ventilation is now fairly clean.Could it be that it was so clogged with lint before that the heating coils never became red hot?

. Usually less air flow means hotter (ie, brighter) elements. . Just a wild guess, but if you have multiple elements wired in parallel and you lose an element, the others will get more current. Maybe you need a new element.

This happened after you removed the lint, correct ? That alone would make the air flow better I would think.

Thats right,after all the lint was removed the air flow did seem a lot better.

. Is the blower fan running? This can cause longer drying times and greater energy use. Could also be why the coils are so bright.