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Cloud Tablet for Education Answered

I am a teacher and have seen a great deal of technology in education. Unfortunately most of the time it is poorly executed. The latest trend is tablets. I see schools getting iPad and I have to wonder if there is not a cheaper solution. One where we make tablets affordable and easy to use.

I am not saying that the iPad is not an excellent tool, but it is very expensive and most of the teachers I work with would be lost with how to use it effectively. I think that the platform is excellent and that the iPad is the best you can get in its area.

I would like to explore how a cloud based tablet would work in education. I know that with cloud computing you can use hardware that costs less with no problem. I have looked into Joli OS as a possible operating system for such a tablet, but I am an English teacher.

I need help. Someone or several someones who can help me wrap my brain around the best way to do this. I have no experience in programming. I am very familiar with computers, but the learning curve with what I want to do it steep. I am looking for a partner to explore this idea. Failing that I would like some advice.


There has been alot of buzz about HP's decision to turn WebOS into open source. I don't know whats out there using WebOS but this might be an avenue to pursue.

For non-techies:

open source = dynamic, vibrant, and free... but higher admin requirements.

closed source = iPads, Windows, etc. More mainstream, less admin required, but not "the future".

My opinion only...but I think the more education gravitates to open source hardware and softwarey the more education will prepare the next generation for STEM requirements.

Thanks for the help. I will check those things out. I agree with your assessment of closed and open source.

So, you're looking for a cheap wifi tablet, with minimum on-board memory, running software and storing data in a cloud?

At my school, we use cheap Toshiba netbooks. The software is on-board, but the data is on the school's server, and the kids can access it online via their home computers.

Your first sentence is correct. Do you know what kind of software is used on the netbooks and servers to make that happen?

It's simple wifi, with the data on a website.