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Co2 cartridge cannon? Answered

Hi ... in a quandary, and having problems on were to start.  Drawing a blank.  I need to develope a small Co2 cartridge Cannon that will be placed into a 1/12 scale RC airplane, that will be used to deploy a drouge parachute on command.  Can anyone provide me with a starting point?  Do you by chance have something all ready in your files that can be used.  The drouge shute when deployed, is 72" in diameter, and the package that contains the parachute is 3 x 3 x 3.  It needs to be projected at lease six feet from the airplane before opening up.

Thank you very much,  for any assistance that you can provide.  Richard T Leiterman ( KE6RIM )



Best Answer 7 years ago

Theses may be a bit big..... The first is a Stormy Seas diagram for an inflatable life jacket valve. It is actuated by a pull string. The second is a bicycle tire inflation device. My last idea is to use an old pellet pistol..... BUT thats only a small amount @ each shot.


6 years ago

Thank you for asking. The large scale model air plane that I am building is of a SR-71, the fuselage is approximately 10 ft in length. I need to be able to project a drouge shute out of the top of the air craft at approximately 45 miles per hour, which is the typical landing speed were it will then deploy the main chute. The weight on the landing gears touching the ground will start the a small timer to deploy the parachute roughly 450ms after the main landing gears touch's the ground. I will need to expend roughly 100 p/sq inch at a given time, to do the job properly. So that is why I am looking for a small Co2 cannon of sorts to do the job. Once again, thank you for allowing me to explain why I needed to use such a, thing. Good luck on your future project's my friend. Richard T


7 years ago

Why do you need to use CO2?