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Coal Grit / dust / powder. Answered

Hi everyone.Please help. I have a lot of coal and anthracite grit / powder left over after emptying the bags. Is there anyway I can use the grit / powder or is there a way I can compress it to use in my indoor fireplace?


Coal bricketts were made from coal dust mixed with a small amount of cement & water to bind it together.

I wonder if you could use starch as a binder so it would burn.

And if you press really hard you get diamonds.


8 years ago

Aerosolized coal dust is quite explosive, so be careful.

I once saw a coal burner that worked of a metered "drip" of coal dust thru an electricar-arc ignition source. sorta like the way sand drops thru an hourglass...

Mix it with an oxidant and make fireworks?


(speaking of coal-dust....)