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Coconut Milk to Yogurt? Answered

 Can I make yogurt from coconut milk? Or is that a no, because it doesn't have curds? Please Answer!


I have made a yogurt-like substance from coconut milk.  I scalded coconut milk (from a can, so this sterilizing step probably wasn't necessary), than added whey I collected from yogurt.  I left the mixture in an insulated cooler to keep it warm overnight.  It eventually setup to a consistency similar to yogurt, but there was much more clear liquid at the top than one would expect (lots of "whey", I suppose?).  It tasted like yogurt, and wasn't unpleasant, but wasn't a clear win in my mind.  Several further attempts resulted in mixtures with even more "whey" and less yogurt flavor.  I'm sure the temperature and many other important variables were drastically different between my batches.

I'd recommend just trying, and seeing if you can make it work.  Post an Instructable when you do!  Maybe add sugar so the bacteria have more to eat?

Finally, if you want the yogurt to be vegan, use some uncooked sauerkraut juice -- it is the same bacteria.

 well you could you would just basically make a coconut "milk/water" jello you would just have to add some unflavored gelatin mix to the coconut water

That is a no.  Coconut "milk" is not milk (in the sense of being a protenaceous colloid produced by mammary glands), it's basically a fruit juice.

Protenaceous? wow! that word sent my spellcheck into convulsions and my computer crashed! Be more careful with your choice of words lol

Wups!  Sorry about that; it should have been proteinaceous.  I shouldn't spell things phonetically...