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Coconuts Answered

I recently got the urge to get a coconut from the store and so I got one. I got one with the plastic on it and made sure that I heard the water sloshing around it in. Using one of the techniques I pulled out of here I tried to open the coconut with out using the stove method. Well After several tapping in a circle sessions on the top part of the coconut, it still wouldn't crack open the top. I eventually gave up. So I picked one of the eye holes and jammed in to one of the eye holes using the blunt end of my butter knife. I managed to make an access point and the air rushed out.  Something seemed odd and when I went to taste a bit of the water from inside, it tasted fermented or sour, like a off putting lychee.

Do you think that this coconut is rancid?

I cracked the rest of the coconut with a hammer from the garage or basically smashed it open. Washed the coconut and tried the meat. Still the fermented taste. It looked pretty OK but there was a slight off green on the edge of the meat where it connects to the shell.
Now I have the rest of it sitting in the fridge wondering what to do next.

So what do you think?

The last time I had a fresh coconut was when I was in late grade school. I remember it tasting plain essence of coconut and a bit sweet both the meat and the water.


I know a guy who tried to make coconut wine, ended up breaking his ankles...

When in doubt, throw it out.
I dunno, I have the same luck with avocados.

Did you know that native women in the Amazon use the seed of the avocado as a birth control method? Even a bad avocado can be used as a hair treatment. (I could not help share a little bit of my useless trivia. Sorry!)

I've been meaning to ask - how does the birth control thing work?


4 years ago

Probably spoiled - not good.

Thanks for all the replays. Much appreciated.
Still have the coconut in the fridge and going to have to find the time to take care of it. Just really busy lately and then last week my computer busts. Just got it back yesterday, hence the delay in replays.

It was a very slight green and i just noticed a bit of yellow.
Yes it was vinegary in taste. I know the last time I had a coconut, it didn't have that nasty taste. Just wondering if the meat is still OK to roast and shred for cooking and baking uses?

Fermentation smell/taste may not mean "rancid" but could mean some yeast got in somewhere during your whacking it process (small crack or whatever). So, the question is, which yeast. One will give you a "bread/beer" like smell/taste, and the other will taste very much like vinegar.

If the flesh is still green, maybe it's not ripe yet?