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Code blocks not respecting code Answered

So, I got some feedback that my 'ible has some errors in it (which is somewhat expected :D ) 
I went to the instructable, to do some editing and noticed that the problems are likely coming from <p> and <br> tags that are in the code blocks. I tried to remove them, but they come back when I save. 
I noticed this happens in *all* my code blocks. 

Changing the format of text in code blocks makes Instructables unacceptable as a way to share code. Considering the amount of code for many projects on this site, this potentially breaks many of them, or at the very least makes it harder for others to copy the code for their projects. 

 Please make <code> </code> tags repect all formatting within! 


Still seeing this same bug.

this is still an issue with this website, formatting in code blocks is very bad

Someone might have a workaround for it but I doubt new tags will be implemented.