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Coffee Ground briquettes, problem/question. PLEASE HELP!!? Answered

I have recently got into the idea of making my own briquettes for the fire. aswell as the possobility of even selling them! I have heard that you can use coffee grounds, mollases and wax to make them. but i was wondering if you could mix the used grounds with sawdust, add some water and then press them? The recipe for briquettes made from wax, mollases and coffee grounds: http://www.ehow.com/how_5846974_start-fire-coffee-ground-briguettes.html
Please help, Thanks!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Like fire starters? Stick some dryer lint in a toilet paper tube and seal the ends with candle wax. Way cheaper than buying coffee.


6 years ago

more like for a wood stove or fireplace, right?

I'm working on doing something similar and trying to get the ratios right. What has worked well so far is 2 parts paper, 1 part sawdust and 1 part coffee grounds. I'm going to try to reduce the paper and sawdust and up the coffee grounds to the point it doesn't work anymore or just crumbles.

I think you won't be able to use just sawdust and coffee grounds, you need some sort of binder. The method you link above uses wax. other briquetting methods rely on the lignin in soaked paper products. search youtube for paper briquettes and you'll have a dozen variations on the theme.