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Coil Gun Question? Answered

So i have a coil gun with 5 capacitors at 330v and 120 uf. If i charge them with a 9 volt battery will it burn the camera circuit out?


oh yes it will i wold say 3v is the absalut max and increasing the voltage dose not speed up it heats up                           this is a good design on his circuit they dont last long on 3v but they are small and good

How about building a custom charger?
You'd have to go looking though.


If the circuit wasn't set up for 9 volts then yes you might burn out the circuit. But maybe not.

what if i add more capacitors and use 3volts

If it was designed to run on three volts then that won't hurt it. But camera flash circuits were designed with very little extra power in them. If you overwork it then it is going to die. Some of them will die just by taking too many photos in a short time.