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Coil Gun Answered

I am planning to build a small (length about 15 cm) portable coil gun. There are some really good intructables out there. (I still don't have enough knowledge of how to build this thing) I found this site to be pretty interesting. http://www.jeffhove.com/robots/coilgunhowto.html How can I make a powerful coil gun like that with capacitors (not that whole blob of camera stuff)? I am hoping that it could be rechargeable, perhaps by a USB connector (5V). But that would not last long right? So I guess by adding some batteries would help. Trying to get this coil gun to the smallest size with a powerful blow. By the way, there is something called EMF that affects the system?




9 years ago

ya I made a coil gun out of a disposable flash camera and quite a few of the flash caps in them hooked up in series and it only fires around 30 ft so that approximation is pretty good...although if you zap yourself through the heart with it is very painful I think I could have died when I had my cap bank at 440 micro farads and it went through my heart...

EMF for coilgun is what powers the projectile Electro Magnetic Force. You have to tune everything just right because if the burst throught the coil is too long then it pulls the projectile back and gives less power. For a camera circuit it could probably shoot 30 feet.

ohh... and if you want to get good range from a battery powered portable coil gun, i suggest you use a spring for the first stage, accelerating from rest uses up a lot of power, so if you get it moving with a spring, and the fire the secondary acceleration coil as the projectile passes thru, you'll get very good performance. use an IR sensor to sense when the projectile is entering the coil...good luck

to do it properly is quite hard, but in practice you can do it "good enought" and it'll work pretty well. for example, the cap from the flash camera will discharge pretty fast, so there's no real danger or energising the coil for too long...

um whats a coil gun(sounds dangerously fun)?

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Do lot's of research.....(google) and be careful..... please.

If you do make it portable.. Can you please house it in a ray gun . That would be tops.... Thanks... ROFL ;)

sure, but it might take a long time since i don't have a lot of knowledge on coils/emf/all those ha i still dont get capacitors (i am learning electronics by myself)

I'm learning electronics by myself too! small world, lol. Capacitors are basically too pieces of metal (plates, they are conductive) which are seperated by a very thin insulator (called a dielect). When you apply a voltage on poth ends one plate has less electrons, and the other has more, just like a battery. Unlike a battery it doesn't store it in a chemical reaction. Capacitors charge and dischagre rate is only limited to outside resistance, such as the resistance of the wire, your power supply to charge it, or the internal plates. In conclusion capacitors are like little electricity storing devices. BUT don't get confused. I got introduced into electronics with coil guns. CAPACITORS ARN"T USUALLY USED FOR THHIS. This took me a long tim to understand. In normal circuits capacitors are either used for filtering (smoothing out a varying signal, like pulsed DC) or for timing (a resistor and a capacitor take a specific time to charge together). This took me a long time to figure out.

hmm interesting! although i am still confused...haha someone told me capacitors charge up the current, not the voltage...so if i want to build a coil gun, i would need to charge up the voltage....hmmm it'll take me a long time to figure out how to build a nice, portable coil gun (there's all those emf and other stuffs that's out of my reach)