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Coin a phrase, or one liner Answered

Have you ever wonder were, phrases come from like  " That's what she said " or  "See you later.......not if I see you first" or "Well, there's your problem!"

I think i may of coined a phrase, but of course I can't prove it  " Its funny cause its true"   I even heard it on TV the other night, I have been saying that for years.
Anyways today after a student made a mess I gave him a mop and bucket and told him to clean it up. After 20 minutes I came back and he had managed to make the mess about 100 times worse. I was very annoyed with him and I was inspired to say  "Never send an idiot to do a job a monkey could do"

Anyway there is, If it takes off I will now have proof that i said it firston 20 april 2016

So whats your favorite phrase or one liner?  Maybe you could come up with the next "That's what she said!"



1 year ago

Light a mass under your atch..


1 year ago

Fridge out..

You mean you have no idea of what you are doing? And you're asking me?

Yep Ive heard that one before somewhere, I remember when i was a kid we use to say "use the force" (star wars) at all sorts of inappropriate times, like on the public toilet, when the teacher was telling a kid off, or when someone jammed thier fingers in a door.

many cliche phrases contradict others.

"If it don't work, force it. If it breaks, it needed to be replaced anyway. "

What I know is dangerous, the rest I google.

Ok, its that when your fixing high voltage stuff...

I just thought of a couple over others,..... when someone farts "that will leave a stain" or "you need to see a plumber about that"

There are those who make and those who do. Those that make do, make do - do.