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Colaboration for cool knex gun Answered

Need help with an awesome knex gun, please leave a comment if your interested. It requiers quite a bit of pieces.


Download Google Sketchup and the Knex pieces!

I'm not the best builder but I have over 10,000 pieces. You could tell me what your building then I could maybe help.

Its a gun that has a small switch in the back that switches between sniper and assault riffle. With a slide, and an internal magazine.

i.e. you want to build a good gun from other people's ideas and take credit?

It's always annoying seeing topics like this.

Send me pictures of what you want, and i could build it. I have a fair amount of pieces.

Well, its going be a bit complicated, with a small switch that changes between sniper and assault rifle, with a slide for both. Also, a mag for the sniper, witch is a slingshot, so, it uses a lot of pieces

That's gonna need a lot of pieces...