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Cold fusion experiment Answered

I have reproduced some experiments on Cold Fusion. not as a source of energy but how to blend a wire of iron from 2mm with less than 2 ampere or obtain gas fuel from the water and graphite (coh4) without using dozens of amps.Do you think may be is interesting to do an instructabels to the matter? are not my nventions!
I have same video of this experiment on my youtube channe http://www.youtube.com/user/alessiof76
Almost all in Italian language.. but with a little explanation also in English
The power supply that i use and the experiments can be dangerous.. I would not like someone to dye !




3 years ago

If you put together a working model from scrap pieces and post up detailed instructions in how to accomplish this, i'd be interested in watching it. This sounds more like a fancy electrochemical process for making methanol though.

Still, Iron catalyzed syngas reactions are nifty, though graphite is an expensive energy source.

(You do know you're on a six year old thread, talking to a member who hasn't posted for nine months?)

I think I'll ask these of all such topics: Are you able to explain how this works in general principles? At a macroscopic level? At a microscopic level? Does this invention claim to be an overunity device? Are you attempting to extract, on a sustained basis, work/energy/output from a closed system?

How is this for explenation ?

Approved Mitsubishi LENR Patent using Lithium ... just so you learn something


Patents in the U.S. and Europe do not require working models or demonstrations, nor do they require any substantive scientific support. Therefore, the granting of a patent doesn't not provide any indication of scientific merit, except in the minds of the ignorant.

I exchanged emails a few years ago with a chap who had a UK patent for a faster-than-light spacecraft. It was an aluminium sphere, covered in diodes connected in series to a small stack of 9V batteries.

His caveat was that it would only work if it was launched into space and accelerated by rockets in the absence of a gravity field.

That's awesome! Pity he couldn't use the 9V's as launch fuel :-/

He was frustrating - he was old enough to only have learned Newtonian mechanics at school, and thought you could easily reach light-speed if you just went really fast, and then lit more rockets...

(I did lay eyes on the patent, but I've forgotten his real name, and now can't find it.)

Just do it , excellent Idea .

You can start with the simplest of all mentioned above .

The transmutation of 2 x C + 2 x O to Fe .

There is a Italian chap who did it , and the above guys are just your typical ignorant repeat (copy > past ) out of Books created by

Educated fools from uneducated schools .

All this is ancient knowledge , Greeks knew how to use these processes and it was well established .

Alchemy is , Biologicaltransmutation which is LENR .

But don't expect ignorant people to appreciate this , they ignore the facts of LIFE because .... "computer says nooooooooo "

Kervran a "renowned" french scientist ( they make him out to be some fringe scientist )

He was given access to ALL FACILITIES and professors from all over France & Europe assited & participated in his research .

He showed so many scientific experiments from other "renowned scientists" showing EVERY SINGLE TIME

WIth Mathematics backing it ( because all you have to do is add the mass of Atoms or substract )

people who like to use names like

Lithium Rain should also understand how Lithium works ; )


1 Li + 1 O = 2 x He !!!! which binds to C ... OOOOOO

Thats science and that is HOW MITSUBISHI got their Patent accepted

which Toyota confirmed .

So tell the above to shuv it ?!

It's actually electrolysis rather than "cold fusion" - you'll confuse people with that phrase. If you can show and explain it clearly so that other people can understand it - it may be interesting - have a go? L

In Italy the searches of State institutes on Cold Fusion continued until 2006. The Cold Fusion reaction is not only the fusion of deuterium and palladium to obtain over heat. Cold fusion reaction may be use to produce other material (transmutation).. Dissolve the tungsten in water and more. The Cold Fusion can trigger in process similar but different from electrolysis with very different result by electrolysis and with much less electricity

You're not achieving "cold fusion" with this. L

in Europe we call it Cold Fusion, is only a type of nuclear reaction
i make you an example:

in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldr-g3TK3Hk Carbon
An electrode in steel wool, the other in graphite shielded Sheathed
self, just remove the electrode gas catch fire
solution of sodium bicarbonate 0.2 molar an electrode in steel wool dipped into the solution and an electrode in graphite isolated sheath with self-extinguishing the merger takes place within the solution, the graphite melts and binds with oxygen and hydrogen, all in surface and when the gas out the electrode product ignites

in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KfVR8tn7uc i fuse 2mm steel rod with less than 2 amp it is called The Asymmetrical Plasma Electrolysis if you see the in the video water dont boil but i steel fuse at 1435 C° if it was elecrtolysis i should obtain idrogen and oxigen and not fuse the cathode
Available for clarification
But it seems that the topic Cold Fusion not interest the forum

Ciao Alessio

It's not a nuclear reaction / they are not nuclear processes.


Neither of those links are credible sources to support your position.
Electrode ,steel wool, graphite or steel rod and electricity do not make for a nuclear process. Don't waste any more time of your trying to convince me otherwise because it can't be done. That's a "save yourself the effort" comment rather than anything unkind


Just shut up , take 2 graphite pencils , attach them to a 12 V 10 amp battery .

Bring them close and let them arc and you have IRON !

Actully you create Nickle which decays to IRON

TADAAAA .. Thats LENR aka cold fusion for moorons !

Also been replicated in " perfect environment " with "perfectly pure elements"

So pure Carbon in distilled water


Actually it's simple Nuclear sience with the exception that Nuclear sience , as usual , is WRONG assuming the mass of 2 elements MUST BE EQUAL to individual mass combined .

NO , the difference in mass is there just calculate for yourself .

2 x C + 2 x O = Fe in mass and Nickle in Atomic Number , but as stated it decays to Fe .

This is emperical science NO NEED TO ARGUE .

thank you come again !

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.

Where's yours ?

Thank you come again. Or just shove it.

A nuclear reaction involves elements becoming other elements, otherwise it is just a chemical reaction. Cold fusion usually implies light elements (hydrogen, deuterium, tritium etc.) becoming heavier elements (helium).

Genuine cold fusion would interest me, the rest of the site, the rest of the scientific world and the Nobel prize committee- but I don't think this is fusion at all. Have you detected helium output or other elements that you didn't put in?

I do not have suitable instruments for these analysis. I have done tests because I did not believe at internet video. I do not find other ways to explain the merger of the metal with so little current if not with phenomenon nuclear, output or other elements that you didn't put in LERN cell are recognized by Enea, Italian State institution for the energy I attach the first page of a a Japanese institute research