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Collab? Answered

Hey guys. It's me again!

Im bored, I want to do a collab with someone... I want the thing to be good. Not crap. Good.

I will do anything. ANYTHING! Lolz.

Anyway, back to reality. I want to do a collab with someone, I dion't know what about, it could be a gun, a random cool thing, anything. But I just want to do a collab. Now Im terribly sorry but I don't want any noobish knexers looking to do a collab with me, it just won't happen.

So, you want ot do a collab with me? Then just post me a comment below, saying that you do. Also, within that comment, write what you think we should do. Obviously there might be quite a few people looking to do a collab, so make sure your idea is good, so I choose it.

Thanks, Hiyadudez! :-)



if you want ou could help me with my new gun ive got the base building of it done but i need some help with the body / looks of the gun etc ill put some pics up for you soon if you want 

Sure. That sounds good!

Who would post it?

probably me as its a v4 of my gun
ill put some pics up soon to show u my progress


8 years ago

 I would like to do a collab. an assault rifle with drum magazines, maybe? or a crank action gatling gun? I could scan in some designs iv'e been drawing up.

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Thankyou and goodnight.

 Have you seen my new vid on youtube?  I don't have the pieces to finish it so maybe we could collab with that?

Maybe, but it will have to be in about 1-2 weeks, Im just finishing up on a project with Shadowman, then me and Knex gun builder will be making a gun (shouldnt take too long.)

So maybe in about 2 weeks?

 Hey I finished the gun and it works perfectly but you can still see the designs if you want to see what you can do with them.  BTW cool hole puncher thing!

Sure, I'd love to see the design. So is it a collab or what?

 Well, I already have the gun built, but if you can use my designs to come up with something else, then yeah.

Hmm... If you want we can start now, but I will need inside and outside pictures of it.

 Thanks but I just tried making the trigger and I don't think its possible the way it is now.  I'll work on a v2 and see how that goes.  Or I could send you a pic of the design and we can see what we get.

That sounds good. And what do  you mean by 'Thanks but I just tried making the trigger and I don't think its possible the way it is now.'

Here is a life lesson for you my friend; nothing is impossible. :-)

 Meh whatever I just would have to remove too many vital parts in order to make room for the trigger.  I made a new one that should be compatible with the ZKAR trigger but I'll send you my design and we can see what you come up with. 

Rofl, I'm adding that picture to my library.

I'd like to do one, I just can't come up with a good idea. :-P

We have to start our conversation back up here, I can't see the comments you posted down below. I can't watch the video because it's private.

Yay! So, who is going to make the first model/prototype?

I think maybe you should. Whaddaythink?

Yeah, I'll try as soon as I get the buckets out (they've been put up for a while).

Buckets of Knex. :-) I wish I had drawers, but the stacking buckets are fine for now.

They're all stacked up, so I'll have to open all of them and spread them all over the floor.

Cool! I'll make a private Ible and add you as a collaborator, just so we can chat and talk privately.

No, you are a collaborator.

Go to:

You > Instructables > Collaborations > Hole pucher


Check the ible ;-)

And what do you mean by 2 more to go?


ALso,  did you see the ible?

Also, what do you mean by '1 more to go'?

Ohhhhhhh.. 1 more comment to 1100 comments?

One more commenter to get to 1100 commenters. :-)

I'll check the Ible.


8 years ago

im in! i will come up with some ideas after my ball machine! just finishing the last path, a vid and slideshow will be up in a few days!