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Collaberation Home Heating Effort Answered

I'd like to start a collaborated effort for alternatives to heating a home for this winter. With the rising costs its all on our radar. Right now I'm looking at a solar air heater Solar Heater to make full instructions plus cost effective. I want to be able to do a water solar heater also but don't quite have the knowledge on getting something together. Possibly also other alternatives. Alternatives such as a permanent mount, portable, and all season benefit. Anyone up for it?


. The solar air heater is a great idea. It can be made even simpler by turning it "sideways" (long dimension vertical) and using convection, instead of a fan, to move the air. Rob's Thermosyphon Solar House Heater is a good example of what I mean.

Thanks for stating that, There is another instructable on here where someone did so. Unfortunately I can't do that setup sine I'm in a house that I'm renting for the time being. This is where I'd like to add some other peoples designs into this as a collaborated effort.

You can always do it the inefficient way with solar or wind generator and electrical heat spreader