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Collaboration Answered

The collaboration option doesn't seem to get much use anymore; Does anyone want to see if it still works? ;)



5 months ago

Collaboration requires all users to add all collaborators, and not just one user to add them all.

i don't know that option.

Sounds interesting, but where is this "more" button? I've never seen it...

Depends on what to collaborate on.... ;)

I used to introduce new members to instructables. When they try to post their first instructable, most of the time they are clueless what to do. I tell them to press collaborate which enables collaboration and then add my screen name as collaborator. The other person may be from anywhere around the world, but I can edit the instructable on their behalf sitting at my home. I did that many times not only for first time but latter instructables also.

Sounds like a good thing if you ask me.
Considering how many new people struggle to get going here.
Maybe we could promote them a bit better?
Like by adding username of those who are willing to help this way next to the collaborate button?
This way a new user could directly click on a name and if the person agrees to help all is good.
If we would have stickies here we could at least keep this topic up on top and refer to it when a user registers here...

People who want help / collaboration can post in this forum topic

Here is a screenshot of instructables I have collaborated, which you can find in old "You" page under "Instructables". But it does not show few more instructables which I have collaborated